Love for poetry.

Best thing is,

To sit next to the seashore,

Hold a book,

Hear the waves,

And keep talking,

With the shore…

By Thina Muhammad Ali.



A great brain knows “How to earn?”

A person with some great skills knows “How to earn or else how to create a business online?”.

A quite simple method is blogging. A blogger will knows “How to engaged his/her audience?”. Well, if you are new to this than I’ll suggest you to start blogging first, share your thoughts or ideas with the world. But before that build a great content to engaged  as many audience as you can. First thing first is, post a blog each day doing this will help you to be known with people. If you think that doing blog each week as new blogger is good than I’ll say “No”.Because once people noticed your work than they will be waiting for your next post. So, better to catch as many people as you can.

I have noticed that most of the people don’t like reading and they think it’s kinda boring to sit in one place and keep on reading or writing. Well, that’s not boring at all that’s only depends on person thinking. In 2017 most of the writers are getting closer to their dreams, they keep on writing blogs,articles and publishing books too. They don’t care what others are thinking about them, a writer will only focus on his/her work not on others opinions. That’s what I’m doing now a days, well spread your thoughts gathering your readers and make new friends.

Here is a link of a great book by one of my favorite author Cecelia Ahern “The Gift”. Do check this book it’s really great even with less price.


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How Often Should I Bathe My Pet dog?

Bathing your pet dog is not so difficult but all you need is some instructions.

At a minimum, it’s advised to bathe your dog at least once every three months. You can wash your dog as frequently as every other week (with gentle shampoo, it could be even more frequent). When in doubt, use your judgment — if your dog starts to smell, it’s probably time for a bath.
Giving your dog a bath seems like a simple task, but if you bath him too often it may actually do damage to his skin and coat. Learning how often should you wash your dog is different for every pet owner. The frequency of his baths will depend on your dog’s coat type and skin condition.

Typically, most owners bathe their dog too often. Did you know that the dog’s skin naturally creates healthy oil to moisturize and condition the skin coat? Unfortunately, poor quality shampoos and grooming products strips these necessary oils.
Most dogs should be bathed every 3 months or so. This is only about 4 baths per year! Of course, this does not include any incidents where your pet is exposed to odorous substances or extreme dirt. For example, if your dog gets sprayed by a skunk or rolls in fences, he’ll obviously need a bath as soon as possible.
How can you tell if you are bathing your dog too often?
You will notice that his skin becomes dry and itchy. You may also notice that his fur becomes dry and brittle. Likewise, if you notice that his coat is more oily than normal, it may be due to overproduction of oil as the skin tries to compensate for excessive dryness.
All pets should be brushed or inspected on a frequent basis. This allows their caregiver to assess any changes in their coat or skin health, noting changes in hair texture, missing hair, the presence of parasites or skin masses. A bath is a great chance to do a thorough inspection because with the hair wet and lying down, you can see things that you may have overlooked. Changes uncovered in these inspections should be mentioned to the veterinarian as soon as possible.
Full shampoo baths are recommended no more than once weekly if you use many of the topical flea products. Because some of them depend on oils in the skin to spread, a shampoo can strip the oils away and change the efficacy. The manufacturers have certain shampoos that are preferred for this type of product because they are non-stripping. If you have a question about a certain shampoos, ask the staff at the veterinary clinic where you purchase your flea products. If you use an oral parasite control product, it is not imperative that you limit bathing. Sometimes my dog needs a bath every few days for odour control, it seems, so I use an oral option for fleas and ticks. We go to assisted living facilities and other pet therapy locations and she must be clean and smell fresh. I always use a veterinary shampoo when I have her bathed and follow up with a conditioner for her hair coat.

Love reading! Short stories for you to read.

Love or fake feeling!?

Not long ago, a girl lived near by the street. She used to visit nearby coffee shop on daily routines; even going to office she’ll pick a latte for the way even by coming back from office she’ll visit the caffe.

The stuffs also were familiar by her. They treat her just like a friend visiting them. Her name was Amanda, she was curious about her job and wanted to get promoted for higher grades; she adore her job.

She was living alone just her in the house with no one. Amanda love to have pet but she was so busy in her schedules couldn’t get time not even on sundays.

She have family, parents and siblings but she is single and love to be independent. Amanda’s parents also allowed her to live her life the way she wants but on daily basis she call them and talk for hours.

Until one day, when in the office she was informed that there will be a new comer as a junior will be working under her supervision and she has to teach him everything regarding his post.

I can’t believe it, now I have to teach the new comers too. I mean why me? There are lots of stuffs in human resources department they can deal with new comers.”

We know that ms. Amanda, but company want someone responsible and hardworking person to teach the new comers their duties. You are one of the best employee for this company. Don’t worry maybe this is the chance for you to be promoted next week.”

Amanda was happy by her boss compliment, she wanted to be the managing director for this company and she got a chance to prove herself.

But her happiness fade away by meeting the new comer. She got a sudden shock by seeing him, John Matthew.

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Nothing is permanent in this world,

Not even our life,

Everything changes according to their time,

You can’t stop them not even your loved one from dying…


What is actually WatchTime in YouTube or Is it important to get more WatchTime in YouTube?

Have you ever wondered what the single most important YouTube metric is?

Well, if you think it’s views then you would be absolutely wrong. Ok, you weren’t entirely wrong if you said views, but you need to split all those views into the minutes.

Let’s take a very simple example:

Video: 1

  • If 100-people watch 100% of your 2-minute video then, that means 200-minutes of people spending time on YouTube.

Video: 2

  • If you make a 10-minute video and only 50-people watch 50% of it, then that means 250-minutes which is really good and that means 25% more than our first video.

That’s more time on YouTube with more time to show adverts and build revenue. In this example, it’s quantity over quality but don’t forget that quality content produces high quantity minutes. YouTube has a word for all this and it’s called WatchTime. Every single minute a viewer spends time watching your videos on YouTube earns you a credit. Granted it’s a microscopic credit that has to grind its way through YouTube’s algorithms along with 100 of other factors but, as YouTube own help page states.

WatchTime is an important metric to promote videos on YouTube. The algorithm for suggesting videos includes prioritizing that leads to a longer overall viewing session that receives more clicks. So, minutes are more important than views.

Well, we are not quite finished from there because there is another super important metric.

Here is another example:

  • Let’s say a viewer comes to YouTube to watch one of your videos about football, Now you’re a savvy person you thanks to all the sponsors’ tools that you’ve optimized for your videos titles, tags, and description so that YouTube suggests more football content.
  •  If the viewer of your video then clicks on one of these suggested videos, even if it’s not yours, you gain WatchTime credits because you helped keep that viewer on  YouTube’s ecosystem. That’s called session WatchTime and YouTube mathematical monkeys love this too.

Now obsessively the longer the video is the harder is to keep the viewer engaged, so here are  couples of tips to help you to keep your viewer engaged:

  1. Connect your content.
  2. Create Playlists.
  3. Engage your audience.
  4. Create reasons to stay.

WatchTime is important for YouTube.

for a surprise. 🙂

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